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Lew Meyer


National Director

Lew (Lewis) Meyer is the current National Director of OAC Ministries.

He is married to Angela and they have three teenagers, Rebecca, Jonathan and Johanna.


Lew has a background in science and has had training at Massey University (BSc) and Biblical Studies (New Zealand Assembly Bible School). Lew is an experienced communicator to all ages.


His ministry experience includes 3 years as a youth worker in West Auckland, three years as a high school and camps worker with Scripture Union, and 27 years with OAC Ministries as an evangelist.


His current activiites include children's programmes and camp speaking, open air preaching and personal evangelism, Bible  teaching, gospel missions, youth group leading, Bible in Schools Assemblies, training in evangelism. Lew is also a visiting lecturer at Capernwray Bible School in apologetics, cults and religions and evangelism. Lew is a debater with experience with agnostics and atheists. He frequently presents on evidence for design in creation.


Lew is an elder / evangelist at New Lynn Bible Chapel.


Lew has produced serveral dvd series including 'Life Quest', 'RAD' 'Handling Hot Hormones', and has written small books including 'Which Faith is True', 'Youth, Love and the Sex Explosion', 'When Life's a Mess', 'Evolution or Factor X', "What Killed Evolution', 'Great News for Roman Catholics', 'Great News for Hindus' and 'Great News for Buddhists'.

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