OAC is committed to training communicators of the Christian faith. Below are options that you might consider. 

School of Evangelism

The school includes 3 weeks in residence in the Hawkes Bay in February. Then three-weekend courses throughout the year in various places.


The course is highly practical and will give you the support, the skills and the confidence to do things you thought you could never do.

Content includes; children's' evangelism, outdoor evangelism, effective communication skills, apologetics, understanding cults and religions and how to share with their members.


This is taught by some of New Zealand's top Christian communicators. You will gain knowledge as well as practical experience.


For dates, cost and details contact Jeremy Dempsey at 

College of Evangelism

(on-line training)

We are partners in this on-line course. It is a more in-depth treatment for the person who wants depth in their understanding of the gospel and how to communicate it in various situations. The course involves 1 weekend camp and 3 to 4 hours per week watching lectures and doing assignments.


For more information, go to; or
contact Lew Meyer (  

Ignition Course

This is a four hour course thought by National Director Lew Meyer. It is suitable for combined home groups as a midweek series or a Saturday or Sunday workshop. For details contact Lew Meyer at


The content:

What is evangelism?

What is the gospel?

What is stopping people from being faith sharers?

How can an ordinary person share their faith in a non-scary way?

How can a church engage its community more effectively with the gospel?

What are the qualities of a good disciple-making church?

How can an individual be a better disciple-maker?

Internship Programme

This can follow the School of Evangelism. It is for a year and can be done in association with a Bible College. They teach the theoretical. We teach the practical.

OAC has an internship programme for those interested in gaining experience through working with competent evangelists in a branch.

Please contact Jeremy Dempsey( for details.

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