National Office- The operation and communications hub of oac. Not only do the team manage the ministry they are across the board in all areas of oac activity-working with the local church and sharing the gospel to all ages.


Gareth Cross and Maria Henderson work together and separately to share the Gospel and equip others to do the same. They partner with churches in outreach as much as possible. There are many great opportunities in Hawke's Bay and ways to reach out to others with the good news of Jesus Christ. At various times of the year, they are involved in:
*kids programmes in the local community - holiday programmes or day programmes
*community outreach events
*evangelism in the streets
*evangelism at events
*high school and youth ministries
*prayer, training and outreach days
*Bible studies and other follow-up or discipling
*travel to serve in other regions: with churches, at events, at kids' camps or in summer missions

Community Mission
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For more than two years, Gareth, Maria and others have been busy with outreach in  the community, with kids' holiday programmes, family fun days at the park, and visitation. They see a huge value to children's ministry, as these young people could become the next leaders, evangelists, pastors and teachers in this nation and beyond.
Outreach in the community is done in partnership with the local church, and many of the children have become involved in Sunday School, Rally and youth group as a result of the continuing outreach. Families see that the church cares for them, and even parents are becoming more open to the Gospel over time. In this area where many kids cannot learn about Jesus at their school (because their school does not have Bible in Schools), many of the kids are learning the whole Gospel and more through other events!

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