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One Year Evangelism Internship, partnering with Pathways Bible College

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Topical teaching that equips you to confidently share the gospel in a variety of 
situations, clearly and 
effectively showing others how Christ has bridged the gap for each of us.


Take your learning to the people!  The best way to solidify your learning is with practical application.  A 
variety of opportunites to reach children, youth and adults will be provided so you can practise the skills you have learnt.  


OAC Evangelists around the country will guide you on your journey.  The team have a wide range of skills in a variety of areas and will help you  grow in the  
evangelistic areas you are most passionate about.


OAC Ministries is partnering with Pathways Bible College to aid you in your theological studies.  You will attend block courses with others around the country.  This course is NZQA approved and you may be eligible for student allowance and the  fees free scheme.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels

Mā te whiritahi,
ka whakatutuki ai ngā pūmanawa ā tāngata.  

Together weaving the realisation of potential


My internship with OAC was a very happy time in my life as I grew so much in my faith and developed a lot of confidence. Learning how to share the gospel creatively and see God at work in people's lives was a blessing. Walking alongside fellow believers who are passionate about the gospel was inspiring and encouraging and we had a lot of fun as a team. I highly recommend OAC for their excellent Evangelism training and Christian mentorship.
Steven Palleson

or for more info contact
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Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels

Application for InterNmission
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