Privacy Policy


OAC Ministries NZ, like all other teaching bodies involved in the collection, storage and use of personal information regarding its students is now required to meet the obligations of the Privacy Act.

This Act requires us to obtain your approval for the collection and use of personal information required to enroll you in a program of study and training, monitor your course progress and for conferring your award when a course is successfully completed.

Such information may also be required by us for the following reasons.

1. To give you pastoral and vocational guidance where needed

2. To provide confidential reports, when requested, to institutions considering you for
further positions of training and service.

This information will be available for your perusal, except where it is supplied to us on a confidential basis by a person approved by you. It will not be used for any other reason without your consent.  While you remain enrolled in a training course or as an evangelist with OAC Ministries N.Z. you may be asked to update details from time to time.

OAC Ministries N.Z. accordingly asks you to sign your consent for it to receive, hold and use personal information regarding you for the above purposes.  This form also provides consent for OAC to take and uses photographs for training and promotional purposes.  Subject to the limited uses stated above, OAC Ministries N.Z. will keep that information secure (locked and/or password protected) and confidential. 

Since OAC Ministries is an educational and training organization, your records in relation to this training will be kept but your personal information will be destroyed or deleted, whenever OAC ministries decides it is no longer necessary for its purposes to retain that information.

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