School of Evangelism

The School of Evangelism is a course designed to raise up a new generation of evangelists who will work closely with the local church in mentoring, equipping, inspiring and resourcing them to effectively take the power of God for salvation (the Gospel) into the community. The goal is that people will have an opportunity to have their lives transformed by Christ and to be discipled to maturity, actively serving in the local church and the community.

Courses covered

Personal evangelism and discipleship

What is evangelism and discipleship? What is my role? How can I share the Gospel and disciple responsive people?

Personal leadership

Understanding how to lead yourself so you can lead others.

Outdoor evangelism

Where can I go to preach to crowds? How do I preach? How do I attract a crowd?

Preaching and communication Part 1

The power of good stories. How do I prepare a message?

Reaching families for Christ

Why reach children? How can I reach communities?


The total cost of the full course is $450. This includes 

a non-refundable deposit of $50 due with the application.

$120 per module for those only want to do some of the courses. Board can be arranged at $100 per week.

Block courses

Throughout the year there are three weekend block courses.

Preaching and communication part 2

Principles and practices that make quality


Apologetics, cults and religions

How to share the Gospel with people that oppose the Christian world view.


Reaching your potential and helping others to

do the same.

Jeremy Dempsey - National Director 
Dean of Studies

Jeremy Dempsey has served as an evangelist with O.A.C. since 1997 with the aim to see a new generation of Evangelists raised up to effectively serve in their communities and to teach others to do the same. Jeremy is passionate about empowering Christians to become effective witnesses for Christ. He has lectured at Bible Colleges, preached in and trained at churches in evangelism throughout New Zealand and Polynesia.

He is currently O.A.C. National Director, responsible for training, upskilling and facilitating staff, interns, volunteers and churches to reach their community for Christ.

For more information contact:
Jeremy Dempsey on 021 122 5672 or


Ever since arriving at Waihi Presbyterian Church in 2007 I have been praying, 'Lord, please push me out of the nest, beyond my comfort zone, so that I might share you, so that all those sitting in darkness may see a great light'. Earlier this year the Lord gave me the most tangible evidence ever of answered prayer when He sent me on the School of Evangelism course in Hastings. In the 2 weeks I was there I was totally pushed out of my nest, receiving what I can only describe as spiritual commando training which has seen me return to Waihi, sharing with more people on the street, and knocking on more doors in one month than in my whole four years prior to going on the course. Churches wondering how they can come alive, grow, be filled with the Spirit of God and the blessings of Christ, be carried forward with a purpose that is bang in the middle of the bullseye of God's will – to you all I say, 'it is crystal clear what to do: send as many people in your congregation as you can to the OAC School of Evangelism. That is undoubtedly the answer.'

—  David BalchinWaihi Presbyterian Church Pastor

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